About Rush Lake

Rush Lake is in the Rush Creek Watershed and is located just a few miles west of Rush City, MN.

The total watershed of the lake is 14,169 acres.

The total acreage of Rush Lake is 2,823 which puts its size in the top 10% of MN lakes.

West Rush Lake: 1,464 acres with a max depth of 42’ and a shoreline length of 15.8 mi. (does not include 3.1 mi around the islands). Greatest length is 3.85 mi.; littoral area (area less than 15 ft deep) is 862 acres.

East Rush Lake: 1,359 acres with a max depth of 24’ and a shoreline length of 10.6 mi. Its greatest length is 3.4 mi; littoral area is 1033 acres.

East & West Rush Lakes are joined by a navigable channel that was completed in 1963 at a cost of $3,000, which was funded by the 175 members of the Rush Lake Association and the Rush City business community. The 75’ wide by 100’ long property was donated by the La Belle Isle Addition developers Fran La Belle and Lee Sandagar.