About Us

The Rush Lake Association was formed in 1961 for three primary purposes: Connecting the two bodies of water together by a boatable channel; Ridding the lake of algae by use of copper sulfate; and Developing a rearing pond to supplement fish population, and for three long-range measurers: By use of markers, identifying underwater obstacles such as rocks and sandbars; Establishing a water or safety patrol; and Providing a water stabilization program. On March 17, 1969 the Rush Lake Improvement Association was incorporated. At some point after that (date unknown) the RLIA disbanded. In 1989 the RLIA was re-established by a group of interested property and resort owners. To help fund its many projects, the Association applied for a charitable gambling license. On May 11, 2009 the RLIA was granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the IRS and was designated a non-profit public charity. Among other benefits, the status allows us to receive tax deductible contributions. More RLIA history is documented in the “Winter 2008 Rush Report” article “150 Years in Review: A timeline of Rush Lake history & notable RLIA achievements”. See our Newsletter page to access this issue. Today, more than 50 years since the Association was formed, we are still going strong and working on many challenging projects to preserve and protect Rush Lake. We invite you to join us in our efforts.

Support the RLIA

In addition to RLIA membership, there are a variety of ways you can support the work of your Rush Lake Improvement Association, including:

  • Individual and business direct donations
  • Volunteer to assist on RLIA projects
  • Pull tabs at local businesses:
    • Grumpy Minnow on West Rush
    • Sidelines Sports Grill in Cambridge
  • Business donations of services/products/facilities, etc.
  • Purchase ad space


Dues are due in January for the calendar year January 1 – December 31.

Annual membership dues are only $20.00, but any contribution greater than $20.00 is greatly appreciated and helps support the operating expenses of the association. Membership levels are:

  • Sunfish: $20.00 (minimum annual dues)
  • Bass: $50.00
  • Walleye: $100.00
  • Muskie: $101.00 +

The $50 and up levels do not provide any additional benefits to the member. Thank you for your support!

To join the RLIA as a new member, or to renew your existing membership, fill out the Membership Registration Form (see link below) and mail it with your dues to the address on the form.

We would like to have both your permanent (home or residence) address and your lake address if applicable. RLIA mailings are sent to your permanent (home) address. If your permanent address is also your lake address, please write “Same” on the lake address line, otherwise fill in your complete lake address. Use the “Comments” line on the form to let us know if you are paying dues for more than one year, to offer a no-charge professional service, i.e. legal, accounting, scientific, etc., or to make a suggestion, comment or ask a question.

Membership Form

    In Memoriam

    Supporting the work of the RLIA is a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor the memory of a friend or loved one who has passed.